Sissy Endures Forced Anal Strapon Fucking

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Here’s a video clip you might enjoy of a sissy boy with a cross dressing fetish getting dolled up for some forced feminization and anal strapon fucking. You’ll enjoy watching him putting on all those naughty feminine clothing items like thong panties and stockings, a bra and shiny silver dress- even a black wig and lots of makeup complete his fantasy of being forced to take a strapon dildo up his tight ass by a dominating mistress who shows no mercy! You can see the entire video, plus TONS more sissies enduring feminization training and forced anal and strapon cocksucking, at Strap On Sissies.Com. Enjoy this clip, then check out all the action on the tour by clicking the banner!

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pictures of sissy boys forced to be assfucked and feminized pictures of sissy boys forced to be assfucked and feminized

Slave Endures Sissy Training from his Mistress

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This guy has been aching to bang this babe but she is a pretty hard one to catch. In the end she hooked up with him but she warned him about her wanting to do sissy training with him before they actually have sex. As he was more than willing to bang her, he went to her place and let her dress him up like a girl and so the forced sissification began where he was banged, tortured and put to sissy forced feminization but he managed to drill her cunt.

picture of a male slave chained up in a dress and feminized by his mistress
Watch This Sissy Boy Get Dildo Fucked HARD by his Mistress

Man Slave Forced into Sissy Feminization

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For quite a while this guy has been trying to talk two of his female friends into a threesome and now they finally agreed to do it if he lets them do a sissy forced feminization on him. Thinking that he can endure through anything to get into their panties, he let them do it but he almost regretted it. The sissy training was pretty rough with him in women’s clothes and them in kinky outfits, doing all sorts of rough and weird things to perform a forced sissification on him.

picture of a cross dressing man slave tied up and trained by his mistresses
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Horny Guy Applies for Sissy Training

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Two hot babes have been doing forced sissification to many boys in town and one of them came willingly asking to give him their best shot and show him what they have got in store for him. As the two of them undressed him they saw that this hung youngster might be a bit too good for sissy training but they still tried to go on with sissy forced feminization by teaching him proper rimming techniques. He did eat their cunts as they wanted but in the end they had to let him bang them with his huge shaft.

picture of two bitches training their sissy boy sex slave
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Husband Gets Forced Sissification Lessons

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To get their love life a bit spicy, the wife suggested that they start playing rough games with each other and since she wanted to try first, she prepared a nice sissy forced feminization session for her hubby. As he really wanted to get more fire in bed, he agreed but when the sissy training began, he realized that he might not like it that much. Forced feminization meant that he had to dress up like a girl, get in bondage and let her bang him in the ass and mouth.

picture of a man in a maid uniform being sissified and feminized
See This Mistress Training Her Man Slave in a Maid Uniform

Hot Maids in a Sissy Forced Feminization Video

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When he came to the place where these two sexy girls live, this guy thought that he will have the night of his life with them, but it turned out that he will not forget that hot session because of some other things. The babes decided to go rough and do a forced sissification on him in order to make him suitable for their sex games. Since he was not up for sissy forced feminization they had to tie him up and then go through sissy training with all the tools and toys they had.

picture of a man in lingerie assfucked and forced to suck dildo cock
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Blonde Puts Her Slave Through Sissy Training

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Although she seems all feminine and cute, this blonde slut loves her men submissive and ready to do anything she wants them to so her new lover had to go through sissy training in order to be with her. In her room she set up the scene for sissy forced feminization and he was pretty intimidated when she chained him up and brought her brunette friend to help her out with his forced sissification. You can be sure that these bitches did not go light on him.

picture of a slave being forced to be feminine by two dominating mistresses
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Hot Forced Sissification in the Bathroom

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It might not seem like a perfect place for forced sissification but this hot girl decided to bring her boyfriend there and wash the traces of him being a man. She was in her gentleman costume with all the kinky tools she needed and he was wearing an evening dress that signified that his sissy training has begun. And when she took the chains and tied him helpless he knew that this sissy forced feminization will be quite rough on him, especially with all the dildos she brought there to fuck him.

picture of a sissy boy being trained in the shower room
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Submissive Man in Sissy Forced Feminization Scene

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Two horny bitches decided to have fun with one of their friends and they brought him to the place where they do sissy forced feminization to their lovers. As they are quite turned on by having their way with men like him, they start a forced sissification by dressing him as a maid and making him do the chores around the house. Then the sissy training gets wilder and they tie him up like a little bitch and have fun with his sexy body until they are all wet.

picture of two mean bitches forcing a man to be feminized
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Skinny Young Guy Goes Through Rough Sissy Training

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Some bitches really like to play it rough with their men and this brunette slut here is one of them. She brings a young guy home and there she starts the forced sissification process with him. First she puts on a bra on his slim body and then a black dress and a wig, thus getting it hard with her sissy forced feminization. When the sissy training is all ready to start she puts a strap-on on her and forces him to suck her dildo off.

picture of a slave forced to cross dress and suck his mistresses cock
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Guy Gets into Forced Sissification

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A tasty brunette Mistress with high expectations for men is putting one of the guys she just met into her forced sissification program and though he is not going to like it she is going to make him just right for him. Next in this great female domination scene he sissy training starts off with her rimming his ass to get the things started as she is getting wet and ready for the sissy forced feminization as she grabs a huge blue dildo and sticks it up his tight ass until he is screaming for her to stop.

picture of a dominant female using her slaves mouth for an ashtray
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